Bluesound VAULT 2 Hi-Res Music Server / CD Ripper – : But one now before devaluation increases the price even more

I was already familiar with bluesound products, so when i decided to store my cd collection onto a server, the decision of what to store the music on was very easy – the bluesound vault 2. I connected it to my pre-amplifier, then to my wi-fi network and started ripping my cds. You have the option to rip them in high resolution flac format or space saving mp3 or both. The hard drive offers 2tb of space and that is more than enough to store all my cds so i chose the high-res flac. I have the bluesound app on my phone, ipad and computer and can now scroll down my collection and select my music at the touch of a screen. The sound quality is exceptional, it has amazing clarity and precision. Voices and instruments simply sound more natural, more musical. I’ve been into hi-fi now for about 40 years and this product is one of the very best i’ve come across for the price.

My main reason to purchase the vault was for ripping cd’s to flac format, this works very well and the quality of the file is flawless. I did however get to ripping over 60 cd’s where the indexing stopped working so there was no way to search and play from the app. I had to reboot the vault and then the indexing started to work again but not after wasting over a day. The playback of the vault is not great quality, i compared the ripped flac files with tidal playing straight through my amp and the tidal playback was noticeably better than the output from the blue sound vault. For the money i would have expected a much purer cleaner sound but it was disappointing though i would add that this was only when making a direct comparison to tidal playback back to back, if i were to want multi room playback from the vault the i suspect that the quality would be quite acceptable. At the time of writing this review i had made a support request to bluesound 2 or 3 days ago to ask if it will playback on non bluesound speakers multi room using wifi or bluetooth, from within the settings it looks like a proprietary system where you have to use the blue sound speakers, not great for me. I didn’t get a a reply from the support team, maybe i’ll hear from them soon. To summarise, a good simple way to convert cd’s to flac but in my opinion not worth spending over a grand for it (i would say its worth £200-£400 perhaps not really more.

Ive been waiting for an audiophile product to archive my cds too for a long time but none of the previous offerings seemed to do everything i wanted. Then the [email protected] arrived (i skipped the vault1 as i wasn’t ready to commit)the sound is awesome, it looks great, rips music quickly and, so far, i have had no errors. The app needs a bit of work, its rudimentary ( as of 13/01/2016),i love it and am planning to add to the bluesound family so that we can have real music quality that shuts down any sonos offering that i have listened to.

It is brilliant, ideal for streaming tidal and radio stations from round the world. Shape of things to come now the nutters are running the asylum. I choose to stream berlin jazz fm vie my vault rather than listen to mauvaises nouvelles every morning on radio 4.

  • the decision of what to store the music on was very easy – The Bluesound Vault 2
  • BOOM! here it is
  • Expensive and not 100% reliable

Bluesound VAULT 2 Hi-Res Music Server / CD Ripper – Black

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Bluesound VAULT 2 Hi-Res Music Server / CD Ripper - Black
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