CuBox i4Pro from New IT : Non-functional S/PDIF female connector

I’m using the cubox as a media renderer. I wanted something that can stream media content from my synology nas and my pc, can be controlled by an android app, and allow me to do gapless playback of audio files. I installed volumio on the cubox. Volumio is an open source audio player; there’s a version expressly designed to work with cubox. You would flash the image onto the microsd card supplied with your purchase of your unit. Connect the cubox to your tv via hdmi. You also need to connect a keyboard and mouse to log in to volumio, but once done you won’t need these peripherals again. Then configure volumio from your web browser, and it’s pretty much ready to go. Alternatively, you could set up an android environment – in fact the bundle includes an android environment on the microsd card. Or one could install open elec, which would allow you to install kodi, a very flexible and nifty all-round media centre, which is also open source.

Is not suited for 1080p streaming.

This is an arm based computer system, it’s not what you would call powerful (only a single core cpu), but if you need something like a diy file server, media player, set-top box, fire-wall or similar device this will do the job; the build of ubuntu that comes pre-installed is rubbish (too slow) far better off with something more optimised for the hardware (i use a customised build of kali), the latest build of android available is 2. 2 (yuk) if you want anything latter you’ll have to diy it. It also pays to buy a good (fast) micro-sd card rather than the one supplied. Small, very low power consumption, silent, no measurable heat, ideal for many home projects.

  • Works as a media renderer that does gapless audio playback with volumio
  • It works brilliantly. My one criticism is with the build finish
  • 10 out of 10. I have reinstalled this with

CuBox i4Pro from New IT

I installed openelec through the solidrun-provided ignition installer and it was very simple and fast. Only one issue with the s/pdif female connector: i had to polish by myself the hole in the black plastic case in order to insert the male connector.

Got the i4pro and running openelec for a mediacentre and its great. Was a bit disappointed with the resolution of the android 4. 4 that came with it but search the internet and you will find out how to change the settingsemailed the developer and expecting to release new technology by the end of 2015. Can’t wait i’ll be first in the queue.

Got this cubox for my husband for christmas, he absolutely loves it.

I have reinstalled this with openelec / install instructions on their website. The device comes with a micro usb. I needed to buy an adapter to use it with my laptop to install openelec – £8. The install was quick, not overall simple, but not rocket science either – follow the instructions. Currently use this with my lg 55″ 1080p/3d tv. The cubox streams via a cat5/network cable from my nas upstairs and plays all content so far. I have it powered from the usb port on my tv, so it starts when i turn the tv on, and turns off when i turn it off. It is simple and neat – inch by an inch design.

A few graphics issues on both the android and xfce linux oss but very stable and quick.

Very impressive but not perfect : horrible european power supply with a cheap adaptor. Good value but not a lot better than a raspberry pi 2 plus case. Install volumio, get a good usb dac and you’ll be in hifi heaven.

Am using this little gadget as a media server for my film library – running openelec linked to a la cie 1tb usb drive via a mini usb hub. My one criticism is with the build finish – ports could be more carefully fitted and case looks slightly distorted on one edge.

The i4pro is the latest version of a very capable tiny computer with an arm processor, and in this case it has a quad core cpu. The device is packaged neatly and comes with a small mains power supply that feeds a low voltage dc supply to the computer via a lead with a usb connector that plugs into the mains adapter, with a standard dc plug at the other end that plugs into the computer. The cubox arrives with a microsd card already prepared with an android operating system, and so is ready to plug in a keyboard and monitor and boot up for immediate use with the android operating system. The device is also well suited to running more capable operating systems and the arch linux arm web page has instructions for installing arch linux arm on various arm computers including the cubox. For someone moderately experienced with using linux it takes about 10 minutes to prepare a basic working linux system on a microsd card starting from scratch. For this purpose buying a separate class 10 microsd card with a suitable capacity for your needs is ideal. In order to ensure that the transfer of data between the card and the computer is as fast as possible it is important to use a class 10 card which provides up to about 50mb/s write speed to the card and much faster read speeds. Although this device can be used as a standalone tiny desktop computer it comes into its own as a small home server providing music, videos or pictures to be viewed on other computers, laptops or media devices around the house. It can also easily be deployed as a server for such media across the internet as well. This use does need an understanding of installing and configuring one or more of the many server packages, but offers a very efficient way to provide such material on a small scale basis.

Simply amazing running openelec very fast and responsive.

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