Generic 28-016-600 CS918 RK3229 Android 5 : 1 of the best package mini PC I have come across with a

This is quite a nice little unit. I did have trouble setting it up with one tv but on the other it was absolutely fine. A little bit of knowledge about android tv is useful but the set up was quite easy and the unit operates smoothly enough. Not a bad choice and good value at the price.

This android box is ok for most things android. Having said that i’m very disappointed that despite stating that it can play at 1080p it will only play at 720p unless the rom is updated. Because of that 1080p videos stutter and will not play correctly. The supplier needs to supply a link to the new rom update or update the information as a lot of the updates available out there break the wi-fi/bluetooth and are not for this model, which is a cs918 rk3188 q7 v.

What an exceptional piece of equipment can’t believe the quantity and quality of everything in this little box. Speedy delivery and excellent service just brill.

I expected it to be a bit faster as it is a quad core. It does do the job and it is a reasonable price though.

  • Brilliant bargain TV box
  • Cheap/Powerful And XMBC/Kodi Makes A Great Home Entertainment Centre (Buffering Fix Included)
  • unbeatable value

Generic 28-016-600 CS918 RK3229 Android 5.1.1/4.4.2 Quad Core Tv Box 2 with 8G Wi-Fi

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  • Android 4.4.2 Quad Core TV Box with 1.5GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, DLNA and Full HD Media
  • CPU:RK3229 Quad Core 1.5G(Cortex-A7)
  • Support online video, television, movies, music, radio,Kodi
  • Built-in 3D acceleration, can be the perfect game to support 3D effects

I had been thinking about buying an android tv box for a while specifically for the xmbc/kodi media centre which i knew could offer access to a wide range of of music/tv and movie streams but i knew little about it beyond that so this review is based on my experience as a novice with the tv box and xmbc/kodi. The unit itself is quite compact and smart done in piano black with a silver border, the ports include power, otg, usb (2), hdmi, micro sd, optical out & av, there is also an external ariel for a stronger wifi connection, an hdmi cable is provided along with a av cable and uk 3 pin power adapter. The hardware is strong with a quad-core cpu, quad-core gpu and 2gb ram, storage is partitioned with both partitions having roughly 1. 5gb free for extra apps, the os is advertised as android 4. 2 (jelly bean) but mine came with 4. 4 (kitkat) which was a bonus. Connection to the tv and my home network was really easy with a strong wifi connection which hasn’t dropped out once and streams hd movies without a problem (more on that later) i get a connection speed of 8mbs. Xmbc/kodi is a wonderful piece of open source software that offers an amazing amount of entertainment add-ons and is easy to navigate around but does throw up problems for a novice like myself, on opening for the first time you have the option to update from v13. 2 gotham which is how the unit is shipped or upgrade to the latest stable version v14. 2 helix, i opted to stay with gotham which has some very good video add-ons but does suffer from a known lip-synch problem easily rectified by running a piece of video and bringing up the controls at the bottom of the screen, clicking on the speaker icon displays a box with an audio offset control, once you have synchronised the audio\video you can set it to apply to all videos, sorted, if you upgrade to helix this problem has been fixed but the best video add-ons have gone, this requires installing and enabling the appropriate repository to get them back, plenty of info on the net\youtube to show you how and easy to do.

Postage was prompt, price was a1. Not much else you can ask for. Yes the remote on all these boxes is poor and can cause frustration, but it does works. Maybe consider purchasing a separate air mouse to mitigate this.

1 of the best package mini pc i have come across with a small keyboard very good heat proof and stable rooted android system.

Only thing at fault is supplied remote – use a phone app and its much better. £ wise its a great little product – works fine through my hdmi amp / controller (sony). Hd is 720 but is fine for me on a 50″ tv.

First rate, works very well, easy to set up. If you want to use xbmc you will need to install ” fusion ” howto is on the xbmc site. You will find the ” xbmc config wizard ” is already enabled in addons, this makes it very easy to configure everything for watching tv shows and movies. As with all these tv boxes life is a whole lot easier if you use a wireless keyboard to input text.

Excellent, has xbmc ready to rock, speedy quad core with 2 gig of ram really makes xbmc shine, true 1080p streaming with no stutter, and quad core mali 400 is the standard for smartphones, so most of the play store apps and games will work no problem, excellent in/outs too, only thing missing is hdmi in, but for less than £35 you really cant complain, this is the 2nd version, and truly supports 1080p, not an upscaled 720p, get an airplay (wifi, not bluetooth) mouse/keyboard combo, and the box comes alive as unbeatable for value and features, it is, for all intents, a full on pc, and as it has the popular quad core rockship, custom roms are galore, and this box is probably the most popular android tv pc for those rockchip roms, so its well supported, and another reason to buyoh, and its tiny. . About two 5 inch phones thickthe only reason not to buy this one over other versions is 4k, for that i would suggest the 8 core versions with 4 gig of ram, but for most of out there with 1080p tv’s and wanting to dump sky, virgin, bt, then this is the perfect xbmc box for your tv.

Excellent product for the price,very happy with it,does more than i expected.

Don’t pay for sky when you can get this for around £30.

For the price of the box i was slightly sceptical, i am hugely surprised by the quality of the box, it’s excellent, very quick, easy to use, highly recommended.

Great piece of kit, needs loading up with video add-ons if you want the latest shows (genesis works well) follow on-line instructions to install these, no problems. Struggles with live tv, might be me having trouble with settings though, as there are a lot of tweaks you can do in the different menus. Sometimes has audio sync issues, but there is a delay setting on the video player menu so that is easily solved. We hardly ever watch normal tele now, and it’s also great for browsing the web, but i would reccomend getting an air mouse type remote they are about £10, we have one with a laptop style touch pad and keyboard, which works great. Easy wifi set up, but we have hard wired internet cable for extra speed. Hdmi is good, and you can also access nas storage through the video player for music etc. Worth every penny, especially in the holidays, and it’s small enough to take on holiday, just a bit bigger than a 5″ phone.

Excellent little box that works a treat.

Good box for the money ,you need to download other sites on it your self ,mobdro.

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Generic 28-016-600 CS918 RK3229 Android 5.1.1/4.4.2 Quad Core Tv Box 2 with 8G Wi-Fi
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