GGMM HDMI Dongle Miracast Dongle 5GHz/2 : More Advanced than the ChromeCast but require a lot of time to set up

I was sent this item as a sample for reviewthis item allows you to use airplay or other forms of screen mirroring and shove it up onto the big screen on your tvit is remarkably simple to use and the interface is quite simply. I found the instructions pretty easy to follow. I have used this with the bt sport app and it worked flawlessly – there was no glitching or freezing and i am happy with how this unit performed. Overall highly recommended – looks and feels good too.

Have you ever wanted to project your phones display on your big tv?. Well you can now with the ggmm wireless display dongle. Like all ggmm products, it very nicely packaged and presented. The dongle is supplied with a hdmi extension, a usb to micro usb power lead and a step-by-step instruction manual. To use this dongle on the tv you will ideally need a usb port on your tv, or access to another form of usb i. Usb mains adapter, or laptop. The dongle doesn’t have an internal battery and therefore needs to be powered via usb during operation. Setup is relatively straight forward as long as the instructions are closely followed, i initially tried ignoring the instructions but ended up having to read them to get my ipad to mirror on my tv. Once the dongle has been connected to a vacant hdmi port on your tv, and usb port for power, you need to setup your connection via your phone or tablets settings, followed by the dongle settings which are accessed via the downloadable app called ezcast.

Some reviews were saying it’s complicated to setup. Screen showed instructions to install app on mobile. Asked me for wi-fi password, and voila. You can share loads of stuff on your big screen with various quality settings.

Works very well indeed – i’m using it with an epson eb-x31 projector which also has usb ports – i’ll point out here that it needs power from a usb port – plug it into the hdmi port then plug the small cable into the small usb socket at the end of the dongle and the other end into a usb socket. To work it with a macbook, plug it in first before powering up the projector, then when the projector turns on it plays a tune so you know it’s on. It has it’s own wifi sid which you connect to – the password is displayed for you top right on the projected screen. Then connect to that wifi network, and direct airplay to that device. You then need to download, install and run an app first which enables you to manage the device e. Tell it to mirror the mac desktop or be an extension of it, what resolution you want, change password, connect to the internet etc. If it is connected to another wireless network then you can browse the internet while connected to it. So steps are simple although not immediately obvious1. Download and install the app (mac or ipad etc)2.

  • Great device that works on my MacBook and iPhone 6S – worth the price for sure
  • A 21st Century mirror!
  • Great for displaying your stored photos on the big screen

HDMI Dongle Miracast Dongle 5GHz/2.4GHz Wireless for Video/Game Full Screen from the Internet and Phones Cellular on HDMI TV screen, Perfect for iPhone/iPad/Mac Book and Android (HM-100)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • TV STICK SHARE FUNCTION – Stream online and local videos, photos and music or so to your TV/ Projector using your smartphone, tablet pc, or laptop, Share the Small Screen to your Big Screen, everything you love, now on your TV/ Projector
  • EASY SETUP WIRELESS DONGLE: – Just plug into any HDTV and connect to your home Wifi Network, then start streaming in minutes; Support both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Frequency
  • COMPATIBLE WITH – Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, Uses EZcast software to mirror device using DLNA (Android) and AirPlay (iOS/ Mac OS)
  • DONGLE MIRROR FUNCTION – Mirroring your smart device without any restriction. Real-time push documents like powerpoint, word docs, and excel spreadsheets.etc from your device to HDTV/Projector. Essential meeting tools for business or students
  • HDMI STREAMING MEDIA PLAYER – Support local and online video playback. Allows you to take real-time photos and edit pictures. Share happiness or any experience with families

The beauty of this device is that you can do a lot of things on your phone and then simply connect it with your tv and enjoy the results of your work on the big screen. I love making videos on my phone and prefer watching them on my tv. This works much faster with this device since i don’t have to transfer them to something like a usb stick first. I have not noticed any lags or other unwanted side effects. I recommend this to everyone who is lazy like me. This device was provided to me with a discount.

This is a more advanced version of the chrome cast device. However i only recommend this to the tech savvy customers out there. I have grown up around technology, so setting up things like this should be simple for me. However, getting this thing to work was a little tedious. The device itself is amazing, build quality is sufficient for its purpose. Though i am unclear why the hdmi connector of the device is not gold plated but the hdmi extender cable is. Little confused here, but at the end of the day hdmi is a digital signal with just 1s and 0s. To power this you are provided with a special usb a to a micro usb cable, with a special pad thing. I assume this pad is to enable the device to pick up router signals from longer ranges or to support both 2. This device enables you to stream online and local videos, photos and music or so to your tv/ projector using your smartphone, tablet pc, or laptop, share the small screen to your big screen, everything you love, now on your tv/ projector. If it was just the device i would give it 5 stars. However, the software is very buggy. To ensure you can cast anything via dlna to the tv. You are required to download an app called “ezcast”.

This ggmm v-linker smart dongle arrived presentably boxed for review and in the package apart from the dongle you get an hdmi connection lead, an hdmi extension lead and a decent set of instructions which include a bar code to download ezcast apps for ios and android and windows/mac is supported by a browser. Basically, this dongle will allow you to experience multimedia that you’d normally view on your tablet or other device via the big screen – it’s essentially an electronic mirrorto get going you download the ezcast app and insert the dongle into a spare hdmi slot on your tv – if you are using 5g broadband you’ll need a usb mains power supply (5v 1amp) although most homes will have one of those around. You select the hdmi input on your tv and the stick will generate an ssid identity and pass key – you then connect your device to the dongle using them and then connect to your router via ezcast. The instructions are pretty good compared to most. The hdmi extension lead supplied makes it much easier to take out and insert the dongle plus if you have a wall mounted tv the dongle requires much less clearance using the extension lead. I connected my ipad to the v-linker and it worked really well. Despite the fact i am lucky enough to have 48mbps broadband there’s a very slight time lag but you can play music, watch films, listen to radio, surf the net and most usefully view photos on your tv. The quality is good and you can control the volume either via your tablet or remote. The ezcast software does require a bit of exploration but you’ll soon find your way around it and i found after experimentation i got there. Once setup this dongle should serve you well and as keen photographers we’re delighted to see all our photos on our large screen.

Finally free from another cable. It works just great with wireless hd audio and video. You’ll need to spend some time to configure it but once done everything will work like a charm.

This product was received free from the manufacturer in return for an honest and unbiased review. This is a useful gadget that allows you to put the display from your portable device (tablet, phone etc) directly onto you tv. It is a dongle that plugs into the hdmi input of your television, then uses your wifi network to mirror the display on your device onto the television. Included in the box: v-linker hdmi streaming media player, hdmi extender cable, wi-fi/usb power cable, manual book, warranty card. I’m no tech expert, but even for me the set up seemed simple and i had it all connected and working in about half an hour. You need to connect the device to a usb socket to provide power, i don’t have one on the tv, but i do have a spare usb mains convertor so that wasn’t a problem. The extendor cable was sueful as it allowed the unit to be placed somewhere i could get at it rather than stuck in the back of the television. Once set up it was dead easy to use, it simply mirrors whatever is on the screen of your device. This means that when watching films over the internet i can have the laptop near me and can control it rather than having it linked to the television with a mass of wiring.

I brought this but not what it brought it for but very good.

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HDMI Dongle Miracast Dongle 5GHz/2.4GHz Wireless for Video/Game Full Screen from the Internet and Phones Cellular on HDMI TV screen, Perfect for iPhone/iPad/Mac Book and Android (HM-100)
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