Goodmans Module WiFi Audio Adaptor : Sadly No Good For Spotify

I seem to have been very lucky with my goodystreamer, so far there have been no problems at all. I use spotify connect running on my android tablets and mobile phone, which is the height of convienance and reliability. I am using the toslink digital output from the goodystreamer, which feeds my audiolab dac/preamp. This little box has to be the best £20 i have ever spent, providing superb sound quality and convienance. When track hopping, i find it misses the first second of each new track, otherwise, i can’t recommend it enough.

Just follow the instructions and it works. Sound quality from its own built-in dac is fine for most purposes. Not ‘audiophile’ quality but far better than you would expect for £14. It is about the same audio quality as a sonos connect which is 20x the price. This is therefore incredible value for money. I am currently using this goodmans module in a bedroom with an old (but good) hifi system. I am using the supplied optical connector into an old, 1st generation beresford dac. I am sending music to it from jriver media centre and i don’t bother with the qualcomm app. The resultant sound would satisfy all but the fussiest audiophile. Many modern amps and av receivers have their own dacs and optical connectors so this is a dirt cheap way of getting started streaming music. It is part of the qualcomm allplay system but you do not have to use the qualcomm app once you have connected the module to your wifi. It is dlna compliant so virtually any computer or smartphone will communicate with it once it is on the same wifi network. You can even select music in windows explorer and simply ‘cast’ it directly to the module.

Buti wanted these for spotify. . Spotify will only work with one unit at a time. I bought 5 for the whole house. Amazon echo now works as multi room ( ok, also not with spotify right now but it works very well)of course i threw away all the original boxes so now i have 5 little boxes that are not even heavy enough to use as door stopsanyone wanna buy 5 modules?.

After having owned other budget music streamers, goodmans may well be the best. Smooth operation, great sound, ease of use, stand-by button (yes other manufacturers even cut corners on that)possibly the best-quality, value for money device right now to stream your lossless music onto your hi-fi system (for the cost of 3 pints)well done goodmans & qualcomm.

  • Over complicated but worth the effort.
  • The best music streamer you can buy for £14.99.
  • Incredible value for money – but see UPDATE.

Goodmans Module WiFi Audio Adaptor with Spotify Connect – iOS, Android Smartphone and Tablet Control

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  • Control your existing HiFi or Speaker from your smartphone
  • Direct control from within Spotify Connect App
  • Stream music from multiple sources to your HiFi or Speaker
  • Dual Band WiFi for best in class performance
  • Supports High Resolution audio

I have been using the goodmans module for a few days and have to say, despite it’s limitations, i am impressed. But to hear the modules at it’s best you must replace the supplied wall wort with a decent power supply. I tested the module against a raspberry pi 2 with generic digital output hat (expansion board with coax and optical outputs). I expected the pi to walk all over for the module. However, to my amazement, the module revealed more subtle detail connected to the same dac. It just goes to show you can’t judge anything by it’s price tag. The limitations i mentioned are the module is based around qualcom’s allplay media platform and that appears to fallen flat on it’s face. So no new products or support in the future. There’s a free music player called allplay jukebox available for android. It’s a bit basic and slow but can access the nas housing my music collection.

This works seamlessly, set up easily and makes listening to music a joy instead of a chore. The compatibility with spotify connect makes my £150 panasonic hi-fi system act like a £500 sonos speaker, and sound better still. I would definitely recommend.

I’d been looking for a budget way to integrate spotify with streaming radio and my dnla nas connected music collection with my traditional hifi system. This worked a treat straight away after a simple setup. I’ve now been using for 3 weeks. The app is easy to use and the price is amazing. It won’t stream bbc radio 3 by default so on the radio 3 now playing page touch the 3 dots at the top right of the screen and then choose stream and pick 128kbps. I don’t think it can handle 320kbps but sound quality is fine. The other deficiency is that it doesn’t seem to stream listen again bbc radio programs (but does stream listen again from some other stations). I think this is actually a weakness in tunein radio which it integrates into its allplay radio. In summary, amazing value for money and only minor room for improvement as far as my setup is concerned.

Works fine with good connection at a very good price.

100% works well and easy set up.

Took only a few minutes to set up, works perfectly and a nice box too.

It would be a super great device if there was no troubles with loosing contact with the device after some time. For example i turn it on, connect with my smartphone and start spotify connect. Then i disconnect and leave the device playing the music. After some time i want to connect again but the device though connected to the wifi (white led indicator) it is not visible to my smartphone. I have to turn the module off and switch back again to make it visible on my phone. I hope they’ll release a firmware update fixing that issue soon. I’d also dream about a feature that would it make possible to turn on the hifi using my smartfon with this module. Like the xbox can turn on/off my hifi. I wouldn’t need to go there to the garage and turn it on when i want to listen to some music. Besides great module especially the optical out.

Unit arrived with faulty audio out socket, luckily my soundbar had toslink in so that saved the day. Easy to set up but dump the recommended software, works better with doubletwist, costs £8 but gives you graphic eq, radio streaming and podcasts download and playback. After 2 weeks unit failed stays in standby.

Setup is a little convoluted and requires a wifi enabled device, i used my android phone (despite the instructions biased to iphone)once setup to your wifi, you have hundreds of global radio stations to stream. Once initialized the music comes directly from the internet. Not your phone (or tablet etc)i also setup my network storage to play files, it’s like have a jukebox. Which brings me onto the app you forced to use, it’s clumsy and old feeling, not sure if there’s alternatives. The reason i bought it was to stream from spotify, but you are forced to use their premium service – or it will not connect. But all in all i’m quite impressed with it. The sound quality is a million times better than a bluetooth speaker.

I’m pleased with this especially at the price reduction. A definite improvement on bluetooth. And now i have spotify connect at last.

Got it set up easily with extremely clear instructions and was listening to spotify on my 20 year old technics stereo and speakers within about 5 minutes. Really great product and so cheap. Hope it lasts for awhile at least.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

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