MINIX NEO U1 : Best air mouse/keyboard I have tried.!!!

The usb dongle has a case which is flimsy and comes apart sometimes when removed from the socket. But the keyboard design is easy on the fingers. I had to reprogram the keys to use with kodi, but this was not too hard as many people have posted suggestions on websites.

Happy with the unit quality but a bit cumbersome to use.

I was looking for an air mouse remote for an android box and had done a fair amount of research, eventually settling on the minix a2 lite. It is a medium to large remote which doesn’t quite sit comfortably in my hand (and i don’t have particularly small hobbit hands either), on the reverse is a full qwerty keyboard which is good, but selecting and deselecting the ‘function’ key everytime you want to select a punctuation mark or number is a bit annoying. The air mouse function works ok, not great, but ok – many times you end up pointing half way across the room to reach the edge of the screen – once you realise you’re doing this though, it is quite simple to switch the air mouse off, re-centre the remote where the pointer is/was and then switch the air-mouse back on. The keyboard does have a tendency to double and triple register button presses which is extremely annoying – typing a single multi-syllable word can sometimes take 5 or more attempts. There’s a similar issue with the ‘android’ button (select), this either registers multiple presses from the slightest tap or ignores your button presses completely. For this and the dodgy air-mouse function, it loses a couple of stars. Edit: i’ve had this remote for a few weeks now and have had the chance to try it out connected to my pc; very pleased to report that there are zero signs of duplicate button presses and everything works as you would expect it to. For this reason, i have upgraded the rating to 5 stars. Unfortunately, it looks like it was my android box at fault – time to do some more shopping.

I’ve previously bought a few minix products, 3 of their android boxes for us and family and tried this with a i5 nuc computer running windows 10. Works far better than the 2 well known wireless keyboard /mouse that i’ve tried with the nuc. I found the tv i have is very good at blocking signals from the remote keyboard when i’ve mounted the nuc behind the tv. With other devices the range was about 3 meters but the a2 lite works fine at 5 meters at the other side of the room. The air mouse functions works great and accurately at 4k resolution (fine at 1080p too) and flipping it over to use the keyboard easy and fast to type in things too. This is by far the best between the trackball/airmouse/keyboard combos i’ve tried where several i’ve tried are limited on functionality in android/win10/kodi. Set out pretty much like a phone/tablet keyboard a 2nd set of number symbols are accessed by the function key. It does have 2 rarely uses symbols interchanged but once you remember them you have a first class airmouse and responsive keyboard that’s quick and easy to use. The typing functions i’ve used in the obvious internet search boxes, kodi, a few office programs and good for email too.

  • The Minix U1 – Brilliance in a Box!
  • Minix Neo A2 lite fantastic
  • Bought for Shield TV – works great!

MINIX NEO U1, 64-bit Quad-Core Media Hub for Android (2GB/16GB/4K/XBMC/KODI), Ultra HD Streaming

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  • Operating system: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop – for better application performance and reactivity.
  • The NEO U1 demonstrates the latest advances in wireless technology with the inclusion of 802.11ac 2 x 2 MIMO dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5.0GHz).
  • Incredibly rich and intense (home) cinema experience thanks to a video output of up to 4K at 60Hz.
  • The NEO U1 supports a color format of up to 10-bit, which significantly increases the dynamic range of the displayed colors.
  • The latest CPU generation in 64-bit architecture ensures that the NEO U1 is at the forefront of energy efficiency.

Have chucked the original remote and the wireless keyboard i was using in a drawer. Neat kit that just works on my minix.

Great remote well worth the money.

Bought this to work with my shield tv as i was fed up using the official remote and another wireless keyboard. Plugged the usb dongle into the back of my shield and hey presto it worked first time. Loving it so far as i only need to use the one control for all my apps like kodi etc. I’ve used a few different air keyboards/mice combos i had already in the house but this works so much better. The official remote is now in the cupboard. Only thing is the voice control isn’t part of this remote but i never use that anyway.

Very good, adds to the media player functionality nicely.

A must have for my minix neo u1. The supplied basic remote never made it out of the cellophane.

Top service and good product.

I’m very impressed with the minix u1; i’d previously had my eye on an x8-h, but the price had always put me off, so when i saw the u1 on offer in the amazon warehouse, i jumped at it. This is not my first android box, in fact this would be number five: the previous devices were either cheap and cheerful and i’d simply outgrown them or they were not up to scratch to begin with and were returned – they did however all have a few things in common in that they were rather inexpensive and didn’t fulfill my android box needs. Having done a fair bit of research on the x8-h, i knew that minix boxes were well specced, good quality and really well supported, so having bought the u1 i was rather excited for its arrivalit was delivered next day thanks to amazon prime, was really well packaged and appeared to be brand new as all of the accessories were still factory sealed – it was then i realised why it was being offered through the warehouse; it did not have a uk 3 pin adapter but rather a euro 2 pin. Thankfully the euro adapter will accept input voltage from 100-240v so i could use a simple euro-uk adapter (similar idea to when you go abroad and use an adapter that converts our 3 pin plugs to whatever they use in that country). I ordered one of these from amazon for a couple of pounds, and following a quick chat with customer services, they covered the cost of this additional expenditure – thanks amazonthe box is now all set up and working perfectly, it is a handsome little unit, encased in matte black plastic; it has the ir sensor on the front, a physical power/standby button, otg connection and usb sockets on the right-hand side; the wifi aerial connector on the left and the power, hdmi, ethernet, spdif, headphone and microphone sockets at the rear. The wifi aerial is a bit massive, this ensures excellent wireless performance, but if it bothers you, you can run the box via ethernet and not connect the aerial at all. The supplied ir remote is the best ir remote that i’ve experienced with an android box. It’s not too big, not too heavy, the buttons feel good and you don’t need to be pointing exactly at the ir receiver on the box, nor be less than 2 foot away from it for it to work. Just aim in the general direction of the box and commands from the remote are delivered to the box perfectly – just as you would expect from a remote control.I already had a minix air-mouse remote and confirm this also works perfectly; just plug the bluetooth receiver into one of the usb ports and it is instantly recognised and works flawlessly too.

Good, works well, easy operation.

Excellent remote and keyboard.

Best air mouse i have tried and i have tried about four before this one keyboard works well mouse is accurate and steady don’t bother with the rest.

Brilliant easy to use does what it says on the box.

Great build quality as you would expect from minix, and really easy to use. The keyboard is robust, with a positive click when keys are depressed, and feels comfortsble in the hands. Functionality seems to be mapped to most minix devices, so no compatibilty issues. Battery life is likewise good, and haven’t replaced mine yet now going on for a couple of months of heavy use. The air mouse is sensitive and takes some getting used to, but once mastered is excellent.

The android box remotes are really crap good merchandise.

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MINIX NEO U1, 64-bit Quad-Core Media Hub for Android (2GB/16GB/4K/XBMC/KODI), Ultra HD Streaming
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