SentabTV Android TV Box Set & Video Caller : Powerful Android TV box with actually working pass-through capability!

A very new thinking how to integrate live linear tv with android tv possibilities. The integration is really seamless. I bought the system for my parents and it has been very easy for me to call them to their tv using the sentab app. My parents feel very close to my life even though we live in 200 miles from each other. Sharing pictures and videos has never been easier. This box actually offers stuff to younger generation too, with google play store on it. Meaning i can download apps and games. So i’m actually thinking buying another for myself. Then i could call my parents from my couch.

Bought one of these for my grandmother and it’s amazing. I can check in on her or just visit. She lives pretty far away, so its pretty much an asset to me now. I always felt bad thinking she was just sitting home alone, but now i can keep her company when i’m having one of those moments. Next up is teaching her how to play heads up.

An excellent product for those who’s parents are isolated or feel lonely. This will keep them in touch with all their friends by replicating their social circle on-line. There is also the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills or hobbies, take part in communities where you can receive, or exchange information on issues that matter most to you. Especially useful for those who may not be so familiar with computers, tablets, or even smart phones. Sentab uses a basic television set, and a very simple to use remote. The set-up instructions are really easy to follow alsosentab allows communication between family and friends whether near or in far flung places. The video calling function provides peace of mind, and through the free to download app, or website, pictures and videos can be sent almost immediately to the sentab user to view on their television set in the comfort of their home. A great communication tool, and a must have for the modern day family with elderly parents, or those that are housebound.

It’s an interesting concept – i have looked for a pass-through android tv box for a while, as it gets pretty inconvenient to switch the sources between my set top box and android tv player. The pass-through works here perfectly and i can access my android tv functions easily by just operating sentab’s remote. Having said that, it is not a typical android tv box i am used to – it has sentab’s own user interface with social media/networking features and the box comes together with a webcam, which you can use for video calls from sentab environment. This is pretty much a box that i would trust my parents to operate and can call them up on their tv. The box itself is pretty capable having quad core 3288 cpu from rockchip, 2gb rom, 5. Android tv os with google playstore, kodi and youtube preinstalled. So far i have not had any issues streaming stuff from kodi, which generally has been a problem with some other boxes. Interesting concept geared towards social links and co-mingled with android tv apps. However, do not have netflix running here, which i guess is due to some drm rights, otherwise would give you 5 stars.

  • No more Skype on Smart TVs? No problem.
  • Bought one of these for my Grandmother and it’s amazing. I can check in on her or just
  • Overcome isolation and loneliness – especially for the elderly, or housebound

Android TV Box Set & Video Caller with Camera by Sentab Smart 4K Media Center Best Streaming Media Player for Free Video Calls & Photo Video Sharing 4GB/12GB HDMI IN Wifi USB Bluetooth

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  • RELIABLE & BUG FREE Android TV streaming box that is rigorously tested, developed in EU according to highest standards. No hassle with freezing streaming, unreliable remotes, mouse operated interface. SentabTV has a native Android TV OS with an access to Android TV apps via Google Playstore;
  • BEST RANKING VIDEO CALLING DEVICE – favourite for people seeking alternatives to Skype on TV. And not only video calling – you can easily share your photos and videos from Sentab mobile app onto TV. Now you can share life with people important to you;
  • Very EASY TO USE interface so that even older family members could use this as a window to the social world. Perfect gift for holidays, empowering families to stay in touch;
  • POWERFUL TECHNICAL FEATURES: CPU Rk3288 Quad Core (28 nm), Mali T764 3D GPU, Android TV 5.1, ARM Cortex A17, up to 1.8GHz, 2G DDR 3, 12GB internal storage, 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI In / HDMI Out, 2 x USB, Logitech webcam, Sentab user interface. SentabTV has Android TV OS, is developed in EU and has local support.
  • SUPPORT available within 24 hours of request. .

The sentab intouchtv box is just what we were after. I had been using skype via our sony smart tv for the last three years and wasreally disappointed to see it come to an end. We used this to keep in touch with my parents. It’s really important to be able to see the people you’re talking to properly. So i was really pleased to read about the sentab box. The customer support is, quite simply, the best i’ve ever encountered – if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. The box itself is well put together, heavier than i’d anticipated, and worked perfectly straight away. I bought the box without a camera, hoping that the proprietary sony webcam would function. Sadly it didn’t, although the microphone in it did. So we replaced it with a logitech camera and it’s fantastic.

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Android TV Box Set & Video Caller with Camera by Sentab Smart 4K Media Center Best Streaming Media Player for Free Video Calls & Photo Video Sharing 4GB/12GB HDMI IN Wifi USB Bluetooth
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