SiliconDust HDHR5-2DT HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO TV Tuner – : Connect Quatro is superb, and works brilliantly with Plex.

First of all, when reading these reviews, please note that some are about the cheaper 2-channel device and some are about the 4-channel quatro. Plus, at least one review is for an item they no longer sell. (not the reviewer’s fault, this is a pain that amazon inflict on us)my device is the quatro, and it is superb. Probably the easiest bit of kit to set up – plug it in, then go to a website, which auto-detects it. You can then either use their software (free for viewing live tv, but a small subscription for the dvr – digital video recording – service), or else simply use the box as a tuner device, using 3rd party software. I use plex, which is easy to configure and looks brilliant – it means that all my music and video content is held in one place, and can be watched/listened to in the same way. The box is tiny (hand-sized) and so can easily be hidden away somewhere. There is one little annoyance – the amazon listing for this says “send hdtv via your existing home wifi or wired network to the widest range of smart devices”. Although i know what that means now, it led me to believe that the box cold be connected via either wifi or wired. This is not the case – the device does not have an option of wifi.

I love this product it does exactly what it says on the tin oh my god i can watch tv anywhere in the world no matter where i am absolutely love it and i’m using it through plex.

The hdhomerun allows you to watch freeview over your network. The homerun is very easy to set up. The physical unit is a small black box with a metal underside and three inputs: power socket, supplied by the included power adapter, a (100 mbit) ethernet port, a cat 5e cable is included, and a coaxial tv aerial connector. The label on the underside has the mac address for the ethernet port, i used this to assign a fixed ip address from my router’s dhcp server. I then turned the hdhomerun on and accessed its webpage from a webbrowser. There’s no username or password required, which is reasonable for a local network device like this one. The webpage has a few options, but clicking on “channel lineup” allows you to “detect channels”. This populates the channel list with all the freeview channels, including the hd ones. I then downloaded hdhomerun clients.

Big improvement over the older connect model which i also had. Works a dream with nvidia shield. Great sensitivity with freeview. I use it mainly with freeview hd channels. Used with plex it’s a really useful option. I use plex pass to use their dvr feature. Removing adverts & recording multiple channels works well. Remote access via plex seems a bit more hit n miss but that’s more of a software/net issue,rather than a hardware fault. Recordings done using the device are very crisp & detailed & contain very little noise or blocking.

  • Silicondust HDHR5-4DT HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO
  • Connect Quatro is superb, and works brilliantly with Plex.
  • HDHomeRun Connect Duo

Silicondust HDHR5-2DT HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO TV Tuner – Black

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  • 2 tuners which work with Free-to-air broadcast HDTV (DVB-T and DVB-T2) across the UK from your digital TV aerial
  • Send HDTV via your existing home WiFi or wired network to the widest range of smart devices
  • Pause on one device and resume on another with multi-user, multi-device, multi-room Seamless Viewing
  • Increase your number of tuners by adding more HDHomeRun products
  • Works with our DVR software to enable you to schedule and record HDTV that you can watch on smart devices around your home.

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Silicondust HDHR5-2DT HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO TV Tuner - Black
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