soundmaster highline IR3000DAB FM/DAB Internet Radio With Built in Speakers : Great product and Customer Service

Brilliant internet radio but it is pretty large – a smaller version would’ve got 5 stars.

Exactly as described and fast delivery.

Took delivery of one of these this week. Plus points are appearance, very solid build, and (after a bit of steep learning) fairly easy to operate. My reservations are:- wifi (wireless router) ability leaves a good bit to be desired; probably worse than an ipad minihaving said that, we opted to run an ethernet cable to the unit – performance on this is excellent. – the large function knob on the right is touchy to use: over-sensitive when rotated (easy to skate past the option you want), but – more serious – when you press it to select the item, any slight rotation of the knob can mean ending up selecting the wrong item. Powerful enough output, but the sideways-facing speakers do the sound no favours whatsoever. If you position the unit close to a side wall/unit, the sound from that side gets obscured/coloured. Treble (although plenty of it available in the very flexible equaliser) should project towards the listener: this just does not happen with this unit. Overall, the sound is rather ‘boxy’, and although lots of bass boost is available, you daren’t use it without totally muddying the sound. Finally, positioning the unit on a surface near a wall makes the sound even more boxy: probably best positioned in free air – but how practical is that, often?thank goodness for the small remote control. As others have said, this allows you to more accurately select and execute a command, rather than use the imprecise large knob. Overall, it’s an attractive unit, but styling and feel has probably taken precedence over control and certainly sound quality. Nothing that couldn’t be put right. Now, a forward-facing speaker version would be (wider and) rather good. And a separate ‘select’ button on the front panel, please.

Really impressed with this unit. I don’t get good analogue signal or dab, but the internet radio on this is excellent. Good sound quality, easy to use, good and logical menu, easy to set alarm display that dims overnight.

  • So glad I opted for this model
  • Bit Of A Curate’s Egg But Essentially A Very Good Radio
  • Great product and Customer Service

soundmaster highline IR3000DAB FM/DAB Internet Radio With Built in Speakers (Black)

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  • The soundmaster IR3000DAB is a uniquely designed audio solution with built in speakers for FM, DAB and Internet radio.
  • INTERNET RADIO – Play local and international Internet radio stations via the Web Radio Tuner
  • DIGITAL DAB+ & FM DIGITAL RADIO – Listen to both local and national FM radio as well as a breadth of other stations via DAB radio.
  • AC MAINS – Direct mains power only* (AC 230v – 50Hz) *UK plug adapters supplied
  • Additional features include UPnP media sharing, 2.3″ colour display, clock with alarm functions and AUX-in.

It arrived today and on opening i took a moment to locate the english menu as i hate reading manuals. Build quality feels substantial and the menu and sub-menu’s become familiar quite quickly. Sound is better than average for a pair of smallish speakers. The equalizer has presets and offers a choice to personally tweak base and treble as well. My location gives me access to 55 dab stations plus fm and the internet was straightforward to connect where, of course, you are spoilt for choice. A tip for those who do buy it: the ‘back’ button on the remote saves a lot of time retracing menu steps. I like the addition of an alarm which also makes it an ideal bedside radio to wake-up too. The black and silver case means it blends in easily. Unlike some, the uk supplier remembered to include a uk plug adapter.

But that is all we can do is look. Though it states on the box it is included.

Bought for my bedside as an internet clock radio, to replace a sony fm clock radio, but i am now thinking it is too good for the bedside and should be in the kitchen or study. That said, the alarm is easy to set. Nb only two alarm options, but each can be set in a variety of ways: once, daily, weekends &c. I will enjoy waking up early on sunday mornings to something other than the dreary uk’s early sunday-morning analogue offerings. On openng the box it is easy to set up. You might need to inow that ‘sprache’ is german for ‘language’ in order to choose ‘english’, but after that it is a breeze. 10 presets for each of: fm radio, internet radio, dab radio. The sound is excellent, and has several preset options for tweaking sound, as well as an option for manual tweaking. There seem to be some fancy options for linking with pcs and streaming, but i am not going therethe manual, in english, is easy to find on the web if you want to know all the nifty geek-things it does before you buy. It rather outclasses my cheaper-end roberts internet/dab radio (am i a bad person for saying that?). This one is not the cheapest, but if you want a well-made clock, dab and internet radio etc, with great sound, then give this kit some serious consideration.

The actual sound is quite good – bass is present and it’s fine to listen too. Not as good as hifi speakers or headphones, but acceptable. The menu structure is good – nothing annoying. Finding internet radio stations is easy and the connection is good. Dab reception is patchy (but that’s more to do with the area and saves me thinking about this in the future) and fm tuning is easy but again patchy. This is recommended as a good off the shelf unit. It was bought as a bedside alarm clock. The 2 alarms work well and it was reliable. The big issue is that the clock display is too bright – even on its lowest setting. Lcd displays just don’t work as bedside alarm clocks, so it’s been re-purposed.

Once i had switched the menus’ language to english this radio is a very intuitive thing to set up and use. , the manual is almost unnecessary. The sound is good, although the default setting bassless and terrible it is easy to swap to a better set-up via the equaliser. The reception faultless with my broadband. My only complaint, which loses it a star (it would have been a definite five stars otherwise), is the way you have to use the handset and the on-board controls almost simultaneously to make it work. Navigation is easy to understand but very clunky to carry out. Quite why there couldn’t be a joy-pad incorporated into the handset i don’t know. All in all, a slightly flawed, very good value and, despite the flaws, very desirable radio. I have it in my kitchen and while i do cook a lot, unless i spend all day, every day cooking, it is a bit wasted there so.

Stylish and great sound quality. Bigger than you might think.

Lovely sound, very easy to set up once i discovered how to change the language to english. Very neat and looks well also.

Excellent, very good sound quality, easy to use and keeps the wife happy because we can listen to german radio.

Very nice to look at, it’s a shame the adaptor had been taken out of the box. Had to phone the supplier for one which arrived the next day.

The radio has a great sound quality and looks very stylish. For me the drawback is that display panel is small but this is inevitable given the triangular shape. I was lucky in that i have an above average understanding of the german when initially launching the wizard and following its instructions. I can understand why some have struggled. Overall i have found the radio a very good purchase and excellent value. The inclusion of podcasts is very innovative and a great plus.

Was a little disappointed when it arrived with a 2-pin plug and then lo-and-behold an adaptor arrived in the post soon after. Great product, very easy and intuitive to use and, for me, it really was plug-and-play. Love the design and great customer service.

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soundmaster highline IR3000DAB FM/DAB Internet Radio With Built in Speakers (Black)
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